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About Us

Learn More About Our Team & Vision

The vision for Affordable Tank Services started in 1999 when John Glick

started fixing propane tanks...


John enjoyed working with propane tanks in the southern Lancaster County area, and in 1999 he became certified to begin servicing and repairing them.


As time went on, John realized something in talking to his customers - the majority of businesses and residences were leasing propane tanks from a local propane supplier.


He discovered that leasing tanks was causing many of his customers to feel frustrated.  When they leased a propane tank, they had to buy that company’s propane, and they were stuck with the propane company’s pricing, fees, and customer service.


This gave John an idea. 


What if he would start selling and installing propane tanks

and not just repair and service them?


If people and companies owned their own propane tanks, then they could shop around and purchase the best propane available in their area!


With the help of his son, Samuel, the company began offering full-service tank sales and installations in 2014.


Because the customer’s and employee’s safety is always the #1 concern, John had all his service and install technicians take the required training and certifications required at the state and federal level.  The company also joined the Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association (PPGA).


Since offering a full line of propane tank services and installations in 2014, John’s vision for the company has remained the same:  To provide the best in safety and customer satisfaction.


Since the start, Affordable Tank Services has helped many homeowners and businesses

save money with the freedom of owning their own propane tanks.


John loves giving his customers the freedom to shop around for the best propane pricing and services in their area.  No more fees, annual contracts, or being stuck with a single provider’s services and pricing!


If you are ready to experience the freedom of owning your own propane tank and being in charge of your pricing, then John and his team are ready to serve you the way they have served hundreds of others:  


With safety, quality, and excellent customer service!

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