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The Pros (And Cons) Of Having An Underground Propane Tank

Updated: Feb 1

Heating your home with propane is a great idea - it’s clean, efficient, and relatively inexpensive.

But unfortunately, part of the propane heat package is often a large tank that becomes an eyesore on your property.

If you’re sick of that propane tank cluttering your yard or just now beginning to heat your home with propane, there is another option for you: underground propane tanks.

But surely there’s a lot of red tape to get through when burying a propane tank, right? Can you bury a normal tank, or do you have to buy something special?

At Affordable Tanks, we know how it feels to be worried about making a good decision - especially when the wrong decision could be explosive (pun intended)!

That’s why we're here to talk about the pros and cons of underground propane tanks - so you can make a good decision and invest wisely in your future.

Pros Of Underground Propane Tanks

There are reasons to choose an underground propane tank and reasons to shy away from it. Let’s begin by looking at the advantages of an underground propane tank.

1 - Home and Property Aesthetics

Since an underground tank is not visible above ground, it's an attractive choice for people who don’t want a potential eyesore outside their homes or businesses.

But here’s the thing:

Code requirements don’t allow anything to be placed on top of an underground propane tank. That means that if you want to put a patio or swing set on top of the site, it won't work.

However, an above-ground tank still takes up space, which might get in the way of recreation and other activities. Maintaining your lawn around the tank can be a real headache.

Let's face it. Above-ground tanks just don’t look that good! Plus, they are pretty challenging to hide since any large tank must be at least 10 feet away from any structures.

Here’s the bottom line:

Underground propane tanks give you much more flexibility in your yard and allow you to keep your property looking well-manicured!

underground propane tanks aren't intrusive on property

2 - More Difficult To Steal

When you think of items that are likely to be stolen from your home, a propane tank is probably not high on the list.

However, some thieves do target propane as a valuable commodity.

Why would someone steal a propane tank?

  • Tanks are stolen for use in illegal meth production

  • Tanks are stolen for black-market resale

  • Tanks are stolen for the propane itself

And truth be told, the tanks are actually an easy target. They are always outside and usually unguarded. With the cost of propane being over $2.00 per gallon, you can see why some thieves would target it.

Thankfully, most thieves will only take their chances on an above-ground tank instead of rolling in with an excavator to try to swipe an underground tank!

propane tank thieves can't steal underground propane tanks

Cons Of Underground Propane Tanks

While there’s plenty of upside to underground tanks, there are a few factors to consider before buying a propane tank.

Let’s take a look at what you should consider.

1 - More expensive

Underground propane tanks are a bit more expensive than above-ground tanks. This cost difference is directly related to the extra work that is needed in excavating.

Another extra cost (albeit small) is the additional protective features needed to keep the tank safe from corrosion and contamination.

However, installing an underground propane tank is relatively simple. A professional installation only takes 3-4 hours.

cost of underground propane tank

2 - Floating Tank Problems

If your underground propane tank is not installed correctly, or if you live in an area prone to flooding, your tank may float.

A floating tank is exactly what it sounds like - a tank that begins floating because it is not adequately secured and because of excess water.

If a tank floats, the results can be disastrous:

  • Cracked tanks

  • Broken tank straps

  • Twisted and damaged supply lines

  • Damage to your yard and landscaping

damage of a floating propane tank

Thankfully, tanks can be completely submerged in water without damage as long as they are appropriately strapped and ballasted.

And if you have an issue with your tank, don’t hesitate to hire a professional propane tank service and repair company.

3 - Lack of Easy Access

If your tank malfunctions and is underground, digging it up and getting it repaired can be a bit of a headache.

Thankfully, propane tanks rarely malfunction, and if you buy a quality tank, it should last your entire lifetime.


Underground propane tanks have both advantages and disadvantages.

If maintaining your property's beauty is your top priority, then they are the best option for you. If price and ease of access matter more, you will want to consider an above-ground tank.

Either way, you can contact the team at Affordable Tanks.

We offer full-service installations, sell stand-alone tanks, and repair tanks.

We are fully certified and fully insured and guarantee excellent customer service.

Contact us today and get a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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