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250 Gallon Propane TAnks for Sale in Lancaster & Chester Counties

Enjoy the freedom of owning your own propane tank!

Manufacturer Warranties

No Contracts

Excellent Customer Service

Owning your own propane tank has several advantages, the greatest being the freedom to shop around for the best propane prices and services.


To own your own tank, it is critical to have the tank installed in a safe way that follows all codes and regulations.


Affordable Tank Services gives you peace of mind knowing that your propane tank and connections are installed safely, properly, and with quality workmanship.

We offer our 250 gallon propane tanks for sale throughout Chester and Lancaster Counties.


250 Gallon Propane Tanks are the perfect tank for small homes and businesses!

propane tank for sale on a cart

Need something smaller or larger than 250 Gallons? We offer a variety of tank sizes.


120-gallon propane tanks are perfect for homes or small businesses.

500-gallon propane tanks are Ideal for large homes or medium commercial operations.

Enjoy commercial capacity with a 1000 gallon propane tank.


Don’t see the tank size you need?  We offer custom sizing and configurations!

propane tank inventory at Affordable Tanks

Not sure what size tank is right for

your home, farm, or business? 

We would love to talk with you and help you determine which size tank is right for you!


Please Note:  We do not sell or service

20 or 30 lb propane tanks.  



Safety is our #1 goal, and we are trained and certified in all state and federal regulations.  


Have peace of mind knowing that if anything should happen, our team is fully insured.


The manufacturer warranties on the tanks, parts, and components are passed on to you as the customer.

"John was a pleasure to do business with, Only a short drive from MD. I will be recommending ATS to my friends."

- Rick's Boating Adventures 

Local Chester & Lancaster County Retailer for 250 Gallon Propane Tanks

Are you considering investing in a 250 gallon propane tank (or a series of tanks) for your home or business?

If this describes you, the team here at Affordable Tanks would love to help you find what is best suited to your situation!

We offer stand-alone 250 gallon propane tanks for Chester, Lancaster, and surrounding counties in PA. 

The 250 gallon tank is the smallest horizontal tank offered by Affordable Tanks. This tank is the perfect size for owners of small homes and businesses who prefer purchase propane less often than would be necessary with the 120 gallon tank.


Based on average fuel usage rates, a 250 gallon tank is able to fully heat a 500-square-foot home or business for over 7 months. It is able to provide heating to 1,000 to 1,500 square foot homes and businesses for 2-3 months. 

The average family homeowner uses 200-300 gallons of propane for hot water each year. If you only need propane for hot water for your small home or business, the 250 gallon tank would be the perfect fit! 

If you are expecting to only use 200 gallons of propane, the 250 gallon tank would still work well. Some areas require that propane tanks are only filled to 80% capacity as a safety precaution. You can also inquire about our custom sizes!

It is important to remember that your tank must be installed and hooked up according to state and federal codes and regulations.  For your safety, please make sure you select a reputable installer.  If you are local to Southeast PA, then Affordable Tank Services would love to install it for you!

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